Since 1994

Al-Safa Plastic Co.Ltd

Al-Safa Plastics Co. Ltd, was established in 1994. 
 The company manufactures and produces printed and non-printed poly¬ styrene containers of all shapes and sizes, as well as multi-layer and single-layer extruded plastic sheets, according to the customers’ re¬ quests. the company also provides printing and design on containers.  Many of our customers are food manufacturers and dairy producers, This demands demand special care and attention, Therefor, we have developed our reputation for consistent high-quality products and prompt service.  Al-Safa, today, has become one of the most innovative Jordanian companies in the field of plastic extrusion and thermoforming.  Thanks to the company’s highly experienced engineers and personnel,  and its modern equipment and facilities

Al-Safa Plastics Co. has succeeded in exporting its products from Jordan to other foreign and Arab countries. Moreover, we aim to export to more countries on the short and long run. Our goal is to gain the confidence and appreciation of our customers by emphasizing productivity and quality.
Our success has been the result of this goal, and our long list of customers locally and regionally is a testimony to our success.Al-safa For Plastic Co. has been a distin guished company in manufacturing all sizes of plastic lids and cups, which are suitable for food products. Our products are made of Polystyrene that is not harmful to health.
Polystyrene is authorized by all Ministries of Health in the region and the world. It is suitable for food and dairy products, and juices at all sizes Al-safa is always ready to offer you the quantity.and quality you need, whether you are in the Middle East or the region around the world.
Our team is always pleased to provide you any  quantity or quality you need at any time feel free to visit our website and to con  tact us, either by e-mail or phone.  
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